TV Guide
April 27, 1991

    A Wedding on Strangers

Big changes are in store on ABC's Perfect Strangers.  And according to rumors on the set, not everyone's happy about them.  The sitcom centering on Larry Appleton and his oddball cousin-roommate, Balki Bartokomous (Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot), will wrap up the season with Larry and his fiance, Jennifer (Melanie Wilson), setting a September wedding date.  When the show comes back in the fall, the wedding storyline will be used as part of an attempt to shift the focus of the show from two stars to three.  The plan is rumored to have caused some consternation on the set.  But executive producer Michael Warren insists, "We're a very happy company.  If anything, we just had the normal end-of-the-season, everybody-wants-to-do-movies, let's-go feeling."  According to Warren, next fall's premiere will "in all probability be a two-parter in which the wedding takes place - while Pinchot's Balki realizes he's "losing" his roommate and best friend.  All is not lost for Balki, however.  As it stands now, Larry will discover that the deal he and Jennifer made on a newlywed cottage "isn't as good as he thought," says Warren, and the Mediterranean mailroom man will wind up living with the couple to help pay off the mortgage.