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(This biography for Bronson was released on January 17, 1985)

Bronson Pinchot, who plays young attorney Dennis Kemper in NBC-TV's "Sara,' has a unique philosophy of life.  "Life is like a dollar bill at a post office machine.  No matter how many times it spits your offering out, you have to smooth out the damage and try it again."

Pinchot, who recently received rave reviews for his performance as Serge, the officious art gallery employee in the smash-hit movie "Beverly Hills Cop," has had plenty of practical experience putting his philosophy of life to use.

Born in Manhattan, he moved to California with his family when he was a youngster.  "My family, two brothers and one sister, was on welfare until I was in high school, because my father left us.  I immersed myself in schoolwork in order to get straight A's which would assure me of a college scholarship and a chance to get out of South Pasadena."

Pinchot accepted a scholarship to Yale (he received numerous other offers as well as awards for academic merit) and studied painting and literature, however he became a theatre arts major.

After performances at various college theaters, he was offered the chance to audition for an off-Broadway play.  Although he didn't get a part in that play, the casting director later remembered him and called him in to audition for "Poor Little Lambs," a play directed by Tony Award winner Jack Hofsiss.  He was spotted in that production by the producer / director of "Risky Business," who hired him for the film.

After completing the movie he returned to New York and landed a role in Woody Allen's "Broadway Danny Rose," followed by parts in several theatrical productions.  His next major project was the ABC Motion Pictures production of "The Flamingo Kid."  Besides his role in "Beverly Hills Cop," Pinchot did a low-budget film, "Hot Resort," and appeared in Martin Scorcese's "After Hours."

Pinchot's role in "Sara" marks his television debut.

He is single and resides in Los Angeles.


(This ABC Biography was published March 19, 1986)

It was while attending Yale University on a fine arts scholarship that Bronson Pinchot discovered a new passion -- acting.

Born on May 20 in New York City to Italian / Russian parents, Pinchot relocated with his family to South Pasadena, Calif., when he was three.

After graduating from South Pasadena High School, Pinchot enrolled at Yale with the intention of further developing his artistic talents.  His penchant for painting was soon diverted, however, by an interest in acting.  He landed his first role as Jacques in a production of "As You Like It," which was followed by such roles as George in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (sic)?"

Shortly after graduation, Pinchot was spotted by casting director Mary Colquhoun and was cast by her in a New York production of "Poor Little Lambs," a play about the Yale Whiffenpoofs.  Casting director Nancy Klopper saw the performance and cast Bronson in his first feature film, "Risky Business."  Since then, his other film credits include "The Flamingo Kid," "After Hours," "Hot Resort" and "Beverly Hills Cop," for which he won high acclaim as Serge, the haughty art gallery clerk.

On television, Pinchot starred as Dennis in the series, "Sara," and has been featured in the "George Burns Comedy Week," "Amazing Stories" and the ABC television movie, "Between Two Women."  He appears as Charles Dickens at age 20 in a Showtime Comedy Spotlight Special, airing throughout March.

The single actor collects 18th and 19th century painted Scandinavian furniture, and enjoys listening to 14th and 15th century music.  A fitness buff, he works out regularly, and loves to travel alone.


BIRTHPLACE . . . . . . . New York City

BIRTHDATE . . . . . . . . . . . May 20

HEIGHT . . . . . . . . . . 5' 9"

HAIR . . . . . . . . . . Dark Brown

EYES . . . . . . . . . . . Hazel


(This particular biography was taken from the 1990-91 season press kit for the show)

Bronson Pinchot was born on May 20 in New York City.  By age three the family had moved to the Los Angeles, CA, suburb of South Pasadena, where his mother raised Bronson and his three siblings, an older brother and younger sister and brother.

Pinchot’s first love was painting and after graduating from high school, he entered Yale on a scholarship as a fine arts major.  At Yale, he soon discovered another passion – acting.  His first role was Jacques in "As You Like It" and it was followed by several others, including George in "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"  After graduation, Bronson got his first New York role in a play about the Yale Whiffenpoofs called "Poor Little Lambs."  Casting director Nancy Klopper was fascinated by his performance and later became instrumental in casting him in his first feature film, "Risky Business," with Tom Cruise.  His other films include "The Flamingo Kid," "After Hours," "Hot Resort" and a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor in "Broadway Danny Rose."  However, Pinchot’s biggest break came from his relatively short but stunning portrayal of Serge, a haughty epicene art gallery clerk in the hit film "Beverly Hills Cop."  He also starred in last year’s feature film, "Second Sight."

On television, Bronson starred as Dennis on the short-lived series "Sara" and has also been featured on "The George Burns Comedy Show," "Amazing Stories," the Showtime special "The Amazing Time Travels of Henry Osgood," and the telefilm "Jury Duty."

During the past hiatus, Pinchot returned to the New York stage to star in "Zoya’s Apartment."

Pinchot, who is an ardent collector of painted Scandanavian country furniture from the period 1700-1850, also enjoys reading Dickens and Thomas Hardy, listening to pre-Baroque music, as well as the works of Mozart and Beethoven, and, after participating in the "Circus of the Stars," flying on the trapeze.


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