These are some of the most common questions we've received about the show to date:

Q: Where can I buy Perfect Strangers on DVD?
A: We have wonderful news for you!  The first and second seasons of Perfect Strangers are finally being released on DVD by Warner Home Video on February 5, 2008!  We hope this will be the first of many official releases to come!  You can pre-order your copy via or many other online and retail video vendors!

Q: I want to see the rest of the episodes released on DVD!  Is there anything I can do?
A: Yes, we have now set up a Petition for those who want to let Warner Bros. know that we would like to see them release the rest of the series on DVD.  We'd be thrilled if you would sign it and help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures!

Q: But I found a website that's already selling the complete series on DVD.  Should I buy from them?
A: Absolutely not!  Any website claiming to sell the complete series on DVD already is selling bootleg copies.  The cost for these is outrageous (usually around $130 for a good number of discs, but don't forget these only cost the sellers pennies to make and mail!)  Even worse, I have heard several horror stories from fans who have taken a chance and received damaged, wrong or defective product, if they receive anything at all!  Please do NOT support these bootleggers.  I know it's hard to wait for the official releases but giving these crooks your money is not a good idea (and if they bootleg DVDs, how can one be sure they won't steal your credit card numbers?)

Q: Can I at least watch Perfect Strangers somewhere on television?
A: Right now the show is not airing anywhere nationally.  We hope this will change in the future!  The show does still continue to air in various places around the world, so do let us know if it is showing in your part of the world so we can pass the information along to others!

Q: Is there anywhere I can watch Perfect Strangers online?
A: The show is being shown on AOL's In2TV so fans in the U.S. can watch complete and uncut episodes online for free.  Click here to see which episodes are currently airing.  (Sorry to the many overseas fans, but AOL shows can only be watched within the U.S. at this time).  Also the YouTube user The Masked Mypiot currently has playlists with all of the episodes online!

Q: What are the full names of the characters on the show and the actors who portray them?
A: The characters names are Balki Bartokomous (played by Bronson Pinchot) and Larry Appleton, played by Mark Linn-Baker.  Their girlfriends are Jennifer Lyons (Larry's girlfriend, played by Melanie Wilson) and Mary Anne Spencer (Balki's girlfriend, played by Rebeca Arthur).  Other regular characters are Mr. Donald Twinkacetti, the manager and owner of the Ritz Discount store where the cousins work in the first and second season, played by Ernie Sabella.  His wife, Edwina Twinkacetti, was played by Belita Moreno.  After Balki and Larry start working at the Chicago Chronicle, regulars include Harriette Winslow (played by Jo Marie Payton-France . . . Harriette would later spin off into her own series, Family Matters), Sam Gorpley, Balki's moody boss played by Sam Anderson, and advice columnist Lydia Markham, also played by Belita Moreno!  Rounding out the cast is Mr. Wainwright, Larry's boss, played by F.J. O'Neil.

Q: Where is Balki from?
A: Balki is from a fictional Mediterranean island country called Mypos.

Q: What is the name of  Balki's stuffed sheep?
A: Dimitri.  Dimitri was made from the wool of a real sheep named Dimitri who saved Balki's life by pushing him out of the way of a runaway cart, sacrificing himself to protect Balki.

Q: I notice that the episode order and air dates on this site are different than the ones listed on the official DVD.  Why is that?
A: Warners Home Video used a list for the series which showed the original *intended* air dates for the episodes.  In fact the episodes aired in the order and on the dates shown on our list.

And here's some answers to your questions about the site itself:

Q: Who is running this website?
A: This fansite is being compiled by Linda Kay (yours truly).  In the late 1980's and early 1990's I ran an authorized newsletter for the series Perfect Strangers.  I realized I have a large amount of information and material on the show I would like to share with fellow fans.  I also feel that over the years Perfect Strangers has been sadly underrated, overlooked and has not received due respect as a classic sitcom.  This website is long overdue but I finally feel I have the time and energy to tackle the major job of sharing my collection with cousins and sheep around the world.

Q: What kinds of things will be here as the site grows?
A: Anything and everything having to do with Perfect Strangers!  We eventually will have complete episode guides, actor profiles, articles, lots and lots of photos and so much more!  We'll update the site weekly so you can check in with us for more new stuff as we grow!

Q: Why now?
A: Basically I feel I have the time to devote to setting up this site now.  I have spent a lot of time managing a website for Bill and Ted (which I also used to run a fan club for) and now I want to do the same for Perfect Strangers.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with the site?
A: I simply want to share the information I have on the show with other fans.  Also I hope we can collectively convince the powers-that-be to put the show out on DVD at last by showing them there is a solid fanbase for the series still out here!

Q: So why is the site starting out so sparsely?
A: Honestly, it's been a while since I've delved into much of this stuff.  My memory isn't as good as it used to be (Hello . . . my name is Cousin Larry Appleton . . . . ) so I'm really having to re-familiarize myself with the episodes and the history and . . . everything!  Not to mention all the time it takes to scan photos, organize information and set up a working network of webpages.  Be patient with me, please!  As you well know, patience is a virgin!

Q: Will you be posting videos of the episodes or torrents on this website?
A: Absolutely not!  We will not post episodes or provide links to torrents of episodes.  The reason . . . it violates copyright laws and we do not want to do that.  Also we want the episodes to be released on DVD as they should be!

Q: Will there be any video on the site at all?
A: Yes indeed!  Thanks to YouTube, I have posted video clips of rare and interesting Perfect Strangers related stuff I've collected over the years, including TGIF spots, commercials, interviews and more!  You can view these on our YouTube Channel!

Q: Where will all the material on this site come from?
A: From my own personal collection at first and I hope credited contributions from others as we grow!

Q: Is all the material on the site the same as what was already published in the fan newsletters?
A: Definitely not!  Much of the information on this site will be brand new, including the Episode Summaries, photos and videos.  We have the capability of publishing so much more than we ever could in our little print newsletter and will certainly add as much new content as possible.

Q: Will there be any fan fiction or fan art on the site?
A: Yes indeed!  I already have several fan stories to post but we will certainly be gratefully accepting creative contributions from the fans!

Q: I run a Perfect Strangers site myself.  Will I be able to have a link on your site?
A: Absolutely!  I acknowledge there are already several websites for Perfect Strangers on the internet.  I'll be honest in saying I have not done much web surfing for the show myself and will basically be using my own information to get this site going but I'm more than happy to provide links to other sites, so please let me know if you would like a link!

Q: Will the site cover current news about Bronson, Mark and the other PS actors?
A: As best as I can I will try to provide current news about the careers of anyone and everyone involved with the show but the main focus will be on the show and information from the time when it aired and shortly afterwards.

Q: How can I help right now?
A: Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you would like to see on this site!  I look forward to hearing from many other Perfect Strangers fans out there and can always use suggestions!

Thank you, Cousins!  See you back here every Tuesday!  Boochi boochi boochi!