Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 00 - Unaired Pilot (Knock, Knock . . . Who's There?)
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    Balki's feather duster dance.  In the aired pilot he was singing "What's Love Got to Do With It?" to this.

        Balki continues to sing as he dusts Cousin Lou, another bit repeated later with Mark.


    Of course the bad news is Balki has sold a bunch of things by bartering for way less than they should have been sold for, including Twinkacetti's brass hat stand, the one he hangs his hat on every day as he comes to work.  Lou has to sneak behind him as a makeshift hat stand using a cane.



    Twinkacetti realizes he's out a lot of money.


    Balki tells the story about how he "fixed" his grandmother's broken finger.  No thanks to this tale Twinkacetti decides to let Balki try to fix an old radio to prove his worth at working in the store.


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