Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 00 - Unaired Pilot (Knock, Knock . . . Who's There?)
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    Balki enters Lou's life as in the aired pilot.  The rest of the show follows basically the same premise as the first episode that aired with a few slight variations.


    Notice that on the table is a pitcher of beer and some canned spray cheese product instead of pink lemonade and potato crumbs (the small basket contains crackers to eat with the cheese).

    Not sure what the picture Balki is looking at signifies here; whether he is looking at something from home or his American relatives or what.  In other frames the picture looks like a seascape but it was likely just a prop picture.


    The next scene is in the Ritz Discount Store . . . perusing the paper for sheepherding jobs.  How to explain it to him???  Lou gives an exasperated look.


    What's in the bag that needs explaining?  Another element not in the aired pilot.

    Lou gets the call from Susan about the mouse which gets him out of the store.  In the second photo Lou tells Balki not to move while he's gone.


        Balki . . . not moving . . . .

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