Mypos is an island country somewhere in the south-eastern Mediterranean*.  While some of the customs and dress may bring to mind traces of Greece, Mypos is not part of Greece and has its own customs, dress and language.  It differs even from its closest neighbors: Skeptos to the west and Pathos to the east . . . together the three form the Tri-Island Area.

The Myposian language is very colorful but a little difficult to translate into English at times and even more difficult to spell!  There really aren't any references to Myposian spelling.  One might think "Ah!  I'll just get the scripts for the show and that will solve the problem!"  Not so.  More often than not you'll simply find this reference . . . (Myposian word) . . . in the spot where the words would go (with the exception of some shooting scripts in which the writers were able to eventually insert the text).  Myposian words were mostly the invention of Bronson and/or Mark.  Everyone has their own interpretation of how things sound phonetically and should be spelled.  I find that even now I want to spell things differently than I used to.  But flying in the face of all reason I will endeavor to put together this Myposian Dictionary as a reference page for fans.  This is a work in progress, so keep checking back for more Myposian!  Oh yi yi yi  . . . .

If you have a copy of a shooting script which shows a different spelling for any of the words listed below please let us know so we may correct them!  Thank you!

* - For anyone who may still be rifling through a world atlas trying to find it, Mypos is a fictitious country.

General Dictionary

ba ba! (interj.) - A scolding term, along the lines of "bad dog!"  Balki probably originally said this to his sheep when they misbehaved.

Babo-digo-bo wreath (n.) - the traditional Myposian welcome wreath, made from the beards of 100 unmilked goats

babasticki (n.) - sheep excrement; can refer to excrement in general, as in "Cut the babasticki!"

bang bong binki ninki baklava (n.) - A Myposian pastry dish

bang bong poki noki waka yahoo (n.) - a game somewhat similar to golf but played with fence posts and jagged rocks, plus there must be 28 players on each team

Bartokomous Family Reunion and Jamboriki (n.) - an annual family reunion of the Bartokomous family

batbatmichi (n.) - eel wrapped in grape leaves

bibbibabkas (n.) - (also bibbi-babkas) the national dessert treat of Mypos.  According to legend the first bibbibabkas were baked by Ferdinand Mypos to celebrate his ability to grow a moustache.  (see Bibbibabka Ditty under Songs below)

bingi bingi - not really Myposian but this is what all Myposian sounds like to Mr. Gorpley

Bitatatoutata  Ratatatouille (n.) - the Myposian marriage necklace, part of the Myposian marriage ceremony for centuries.  It is placed around the bride and groom before they give each other their vows to symbolize their unity.  If you marry without the necklace your marriage is doomed.  (Be sure to pronounce the touille part with a twist of the head to the left)

bonk-a-duck (n.) - the Myposians' ultimate weapon against "ducks" (or rather pteroductyls)

boochi (n.) - Dimitri.  Well, at least that's what Balki told Larry to be safe during a game of boochi tag.  Is Dimitri really the boochi?  The world may never know!

boochi tag (n.) - a Myposian game similar to tag, except players must say "Boochi boochi boochi!" when tagging someone as "it"

bopoltide (n.) - the time of year when all the Mypiot people shear the wool of their sheep to sell to the wool buyer who comes to Mypos for only one day

bush (v.) - When said repeatedly as an order, such as "Bush bush bush bush bush!" it's a kind of herding term encourage an animal (or person) to move

chalkidikis, honey-roasted (n.) - the traditional travel food of Mypos  (made with aged goat spleen and not to be ingested with dairy products)

chamultsin muckus (n.) - a by-product of swamp slime

digdas (n.) - the currency of Mypos

diggy hot lips (n.) - Hot and spicy goat lips, the traditional Myposian grandparent welcoming dish

dimbodega dabodega (n.) - a method of choosing brides for sons on Mypos, similar to one potato two potato, eenie meenie miney moe or dip dip dip, my little ship.  The participants hold their fists together as the one who counts uses one fist to tap the other three in succession, the fourth movement being to slap the other person on both cheeks.  The phrase goes "dimbodega dimbodega habodega smak, bobodega dimbodega dimbodega hack . . . . " which is as much as we ever hear.

ding ding machmud (n.) - pig snout with saffron

electroko (adj.) - electric

Exterminiki Curse (n.) - A Myposian curse which has plagued the Bartokomous family for generations.  It brings instant death to anyone the cursed person touches.

Gabuggis, The (n.) - the Myposian Fib Furies, Eva, Magda and Zsa-Zsa, daughters of Vertosh, God of Truth (and his lovely wife Succotash); you do not want to impose the Wrath of the Gabuggis - each has a penetrating eye right in the middle of their nosebridge and they punish those who dishonor truth by telling lies. 

goat doodles (n.) - the traditional Myposian pre-wedding snack.  Best when served hairless

Hat of a Thousand Quibbles, The (n.) - the headpiece worn by the official negotiator on Mypos

hok pok ponk pa konk konk (n.) - the Myposian game where you hit rocks with a stick

kaputiki (adj.) - finished, done

kri-kri tassels (n.) - decorative tassels (they look great on a tennis racquet)

kuzotski (n.) - a sword used for dueling, invented by the Botulitis family of Skeptos; (v.) dueling with such a sword

mach ba sik sik (n.) - pig stomach stuffed with head cheese and just a pinch of cardamom (Note: since this recipe is mentioned during Larry's Halloween nightmare it isn't clear whether it's a real Myposian recipe or simply a figment of Larry's imagination)

Midolcrampabloatolous Root (n.) - a Myposian root used to help relieve women from the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, grown in a special field at the foot of Mount PMSocolous; NOT to be eaten by men or goats!

mishi gastiki - (n.) - while the exact translation of this expression is not known it seems to mean something like "excitement," "hullabaloo" or "brouhaha"

moogli boozachmonk (n.) - pig bladder stuffed with cheese

Moogli Carvings - Figures carved by Hoogli Moogli, the famous Myposian woodcarver.  Hoogli and Balki are the only ones who have a complete set each of the animal figures Hoogli made for the Myposian Zucchini Fest, a new one every year.  According to Balki, the animal's names are Zina, Zygote, Zasu, Xyloo, Zulu and Zabar.  (Some information from script only)

moo koo cookie (n.) - Not sure exactly what's in a Moo koo cookie but it must be good, as Balki was thrilled to get one from his Mama (much more than he was to receive a bride at the same time!)

moolinki loaf (n.) - A Myposian variation on meat loaf which includes fresh ox tonsils.

moon chados stiki chiki bizzi buzz buzz (n.) - honey-glazed chicken, Myposian style (the secret to the recipe is to cut the sweetness of the honey with the tartness of yak bile)

nay (adv.) - no

nebulopolos (n.) - the lowest position in Myposian society, opposite of Primodopolos; often have sticks and stones thrown at them (Plural - nebulopoli)

nok-nok-roll-a-rock (n.) - the Myposian game the whole family can play, similar in a very vague way to bowling

Nupitiki Doctor Ruthiki (n.) - a Myposian marriage counselor

pingi (n.) - the equivalent of a penny in the Myposian currency

piggliwiggliki (n.) - the equivalent of a best man in the Myposian wedding ceremony.  The literal translation is "He who walks the groom up the aisle and then does absolutely nothing."

Pig stikki!  Fig stikki! (interj.) - An expression of Myposian cursing.

po po (interj.) - usually found at the front of a sentence, the meaning varies greatly depending upon the inflection given; in a worried tone it can mean "oh dear"; in a scoffing manner it can mean "oh come on!"; in an enlightened manner it can mean "Ah ha!"  A general interjection which can be used in many ways.  Often preceded with an "Oh!"

Poknokís famous revolving credit plan (n.) - Poknok the peddler devised a revolving credit plan which simply entails strapping anyone who doesn't pay to a windmill 

Popopoloupolo-Poppitipoo plant (n.) - blooms once per century on the north face of Mt. Mypos.  One should never try to quick-grow this plant unless they happen to like women with moustaches

Popopoloupolo-Poppitipoo pod (n.) - the pods from this plant can cure the common cold

Primodopolos (n.) - a position of honor which can be bestowed upon someone after an act of bravery; lay persons are then required to serve them and bask in their glory  (Plural - Primodopoli)

ridikolo (adj.) - ridiculous

statiki (n.) - static

stuki-mookie-ping-pong (n.) - a Myposian dish comprised of stewed prunes and Lucky Charms

suprides (n.) - dog (What did you think it meant?  Table?)

Toejamiki Tomdicari Viciversi (grunt grunt) Gari (n.) - the term for a Myposian auction; it literally translates to "One man's socks are another man's mittens"

People, Places and Livestock

Cousin Bartok - Balki's Myposian cousin who looks like he could be Balki's twins; Bartok came to visit Chicago after stopping in Los Angeles and turning into a complete "dude" (he preferred to be called Bart).  He later returned to Mypos to start a glow-in-the-dark sheep collar business.

Bernie - the Christmas (sea) turtle who returns to the Bartokomous family every year

Bippi - a 300 lb. sea turtle friend of Balki's who was sadly carried off by a pteroductyl

Botulitis - a family from Skeptos which has been feuding with the Bartokomous family for 500 years over a horrible goat tragedy; one would be wise never to insult any Botulitis' eyebrows

Zoltan Botulitis - a member of the Botulitis family who came to American to fight a duel with Balki.  They already knew each other, having been bandage boys at the last Bartokomous / Botulitis feud.

Brektos - the Myposian spiritual leader in the storybook days who created the first lint painting when he spent 60 days and 60 nights on the mountain to contemplate his navel.

Brunos - the bully on Mypos who used to steal Balki's lunch when Balki would cross Goat Water Bridge to get to school.

Couscous - Balki's childhood dog

Dave - The Great and Powerful Wizard of Mypos

Desinexos - the Healer of Foot Fungus

Destiniki - the God of Decisions who lives in the clouds attended by his guitar-playing daughter, Dominiki-niki-niki.  When Mypiots have an important decision to make they climb to the top of Mt. Mypos and wait until they feel a tap on their shoulder, then Destiniki turns them around three times and whispers his answer in their ear, then they fall to their knees to give thanks.

Devo the Butcher - a butcher who is sometimes mentioned in Balki's stories from home

Dimitri - Balki's stuffed sheep.  There was a real Dimitri, a sheep Balki had on Mypos; the finest, friendliest and fluffiest sheep in his flock.  One night Balki and Dimitri were on their nightly jog when Dimitri was killed when he pushed Balki out of the way of a runaway ox-cart.  Balki made the toy Dimitri from the wool of the real Dimitri.

Depozipol  Epopaloo - Got out of his pre-arranged marriage to Mitchiboomba when the ground opened up and swallowed him

Great Gorge of Greed, The - A chasm in Mypos which is said to have been the sight of a tragedy where Velcros the tailor drowned after trying to carry gold to his family on the other side and refusing to let it go.  (Parts from script only)

Great Wall of Mypos - We know very little about the Great Wall of Mypos except for the fact it exists

King Ferdinand - the King of Mypos (until he died during a visit to Chicago)

Klepto - a neighboring island to Mypos.  The inhabitants are known to travel to Mypos to steal.  As Balki put it, "A lovely island but those Kleptos . . . maniacs."

Kristos - Balki's cousin who was kicked in the head by a goat at age eight and suffered terrible headaches when he grew up . . . until Balki suggested he take off the hat he'd been wearing since the goat-kicking incident because it was too small.  Kristos became the Surgeon General of Mypos.

Hilda - the Bartokomous family hen

Kiki Karadopolis - the bride from Pathos sent to America for Balki's pre-arranged marriage, daughter of Chi-chi and Attila Karadopolis

Linki -  a gifted Myposian goat

Mikey - the Bartokomous family ox

Moogli, Hoogli - A famous Myposian woodcarver who would carve a different animal every year for the Myposian Zucchini Fest.  See Moogli Carvings under General Dictionary.  (First name from script only)

Mooki - the oldest man on Mypos who lives on Mt. Mypos

Nikoli - a guy on Mypos with a very good memory who takes the place of photo albums on Mypos since there are no photographers.  Whenever there is a fire, "Niki" is the first thing they save.

Oinki - a pig-headed pig farmer on Mypos who couldn't admit that the prized pig he'd bought was actually a dog in pig's clothing

Oompo Mousikako - a great Myposian accordion player whose brother Bimbo funded his early career with stolen money, causing Oompo to play badly once he found out, thereby ruining his career.

Pathos - the neighboring island country east of Mypos

Davros Praxiteles - the finest artist on Mypos; Davros is such a devoted artisan he carves only one cup a year

Philo - Balki's fifth cousin, three times removed (and step-uncle to Larry's father on Balki's mother side, two continents removed)

Podunki - the little village Balki is from

Poknok the Peddler - traveling salesman whose donkey is loaded down with all kinds of wares, including pots and pans, dried herbs and sometimes even a 50" rear projection television set

Porkos the Butcher - an ancient ancestor of Balki's who in 1583 tried to pass off yak's knuckles for pig knuckles which caused he enraged citizens to march of to the Wizard of Mypos, who put a curse on Porkos and all his descendents, causing them to get the Exterminiki Curse

Princess Reva - the beautiful fairy princess that holds all the sleeping people in her arms and protects them until morning

Uncle Salmonella - Balki's uncle who was named after the fish and the jazz singer

Skeptos - the neighboring island country west of Mypos

Uncle Stavlos - Balki's uncle, married to Aunt Sophia

Uncle Stavros - Balki's uncle, who let Balki accompany him to do the Mypos traffic report one time

Suprides - the stray dog Balki brought home to live in the cousins' Chicago apartment

Teflonos - the Myposian God of Protection (note: since Teflonos is only mentioned during one of Larry's dream sequences, chances are he is not a real Myposian deity)

Uncle Thriftos - Balki's uncle who dressed as a woman to get free soup bones from Devo the Butcher

Tony Tomopolos - the man who attempted to sheep vault over thirty-eight sheep but only made it over thirty-seven.  The footage of his failed attempt was used at the opening of the Mypos' Wide World of Sports along with the phrase, "The thrill of victory, the agony of the sheep."

Trotski - the plow horse Balki owned on Mypos which he raised from a baby

Aunt Uvula - Balki's aunt - All we know about her is she doesn't care about a dowry

Vito Vamvoomiki - owner of Vito Vamvoomiki's Video Land and Sheep Shearing Emporium

Verbos Verazonnos - the courier from Pathos who brought Balki a bride on his 25th birthday

Walki Talki - the Myposian Speaker of the Hut of Representatives who oversees the day-to-day running of Mypos and in his spare time he manages a four-day tire store.  Married to Chatti Kathi (aka Cookie.)

Yanna - Balki's sister (Note: in later seasons Balki would be an only child)

Yaya Biki - Balki's grandmother on his mother's side.  She lived to be 106 years old and passed away after getting off the plane in New York on her way to visit Balki in Chicago.

Yeorgi - Balki's favorite goat on Mypos; also the name of his pet parrot (named after the goat)

The Brothers Zakibatbat - the story of Mooki and Gringki, two brothers who grew apart because Mooki was jealous of his brother's good fortune.

Zimdog Zakibatbat - one of the greatest sheepherders of all time (not known if he is related to the Brothers Zakibatbat)

Proverbs, Phrases and Expressions

"Bo bo bo sticki bada bedi ta taku." - "He who hesitates sleeps with the goats."

"Dach bo deez dis ne nik nik machnif manilk nunk" - "Drink your bottle, cry a little and let the milk dribble down your chin."

"Greeki baltic bowaticki . . . biggi mooki, babasticki!" - "But for me the ship has sailed."

"Hok po dimi baba naki, tyna dinki de ring dang dang." - "If everyone knew how to herd sheep, there would be no one to write poetry."

"Iffi biggi hochpadooie, och hoch biddi bat bat sticki." - "If you spit into a windstorm you'd better carry an umbrella."

"Iffi yodi vy zwicki, oh po sticki picki ticki." - "If you let your hair down, you might be surprised what you find in it."

"Kongi fongi lavi, andri baba dravi, och po po po lopi, just donít be so dopi." - When a man is rinsing out his underwear, don't drop by.

"Oh do da profoundo diggi, achi baba ya chup chup piggi." - He who lies falls into a deep pit."

"Oh yi yi yi . . . youki biggi mooki!" - Essentially this translates to "Oh boy, you're such a big fool!"  Balki usually says this to Cousin Larry, such as in "Oh yi yi yi . . . youki biggi mooki, Cousin Larry!" but it is meant in an exasperated sense, not in a critical sense.  Mooki, if you'll recall, was the brother who foolishly let too much time pass before he would make amends with his brother, Grinki (it's not clear if this Mooki is the same Mooki who is the oldest man on Mypos).

"Zazoo oh doy yoy yay" - a basic greeting used to say hello

Songs, Chants and Rituals

Bibbibabka Ditty - the song you must sing while making bibbibabkas to make sure they are created at the right pace . . . speeding up the production of bibbibabkas can be hazardous to your eyebrows.
When you rolling out the dough, just make sure you roll it slow;
If you make the dough too quick, bibbibabka make you sick;
When you pour the filling in, just make sure you wear a grin;
when you smile on what you bake, bibbibabka turn out swell."
(Note: the last line rhymes in Myposian but not in English.  We've never heard the bibbibabka ditty in its original Myposian)

Elefday ho hoo ho ho hoo ho - the Myposian Litany of Hope, sometimes used when the Litany of Truth fails; to be performed while banging a brush against various parts of your body.
(start with a loud haoaoaoaoao)
Elefday, ho hoo ho ho hoo ho,
Elefday, ho hoo ho ho hoo ho,
Elefday, ho hoo ho ho hoo ho,
Elefday, ho hoo ho ho hoo ho.
(repeat as necessary)

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow - in Myposian
Ipepita irinki, halla hop chop yop yop,
Ipepita irinki, halla hop chop yop yop,
Ipepita irinki, halla hop chop yop yop,
Aynel . . . och viddi voy poy . . . dimina babbasticki.

Epapepopokono Hodgi Bodgi Bam Boom - the Myposian Litany of Truth; used to fan a small ember of truth into a flame.
Bamba stiki ekta kiki iki eke bakoom, oh baby
Eeni pini epapepopokono hodgi bodgi bam boom, your mama
Privert privert steckitina tivert iki eke bakoom, oh baby
Eeni pini epapepopokono hodgi bodgi bam boom, little softer now
(repeat as necessary)

The Hongi Bongi
- the ritual of purification for wearing the Hat of a Thousand Quibbles, the official negotiating hat of Mypos (it also makes one's negotiating hormones kick in).
Hey biggi, yoomba gonga ningi
Gongi fongi hongi bongi iki wiki, oh yeah.
Hongi bongi . . . hongi bongi . . . hongi bongi . . . hongi bongi . . .
Hongi bongi, hongi bongi, hongi bongi ik iki nik
Bang bong bang bong bang bong bang bong
bang bong bang bong bong oh yeah.

The Mantle of One Thousand Itches - A torturous device one wears to punish themselves when they offend someone.  Myposian law states the offender should wear it for one year for every person they've offended.  May be accompanied by the Boxer Shorts of Eternal Chafing.

The Mypos Ritual of Promise - The way Myposians make binding promises . . . once made a Mypiot never, never, never breaks his promise (unless they are living with Larry Appleton).  The ritual is performed by concentrating very hard and holding your hands to your chest, then moving them to your head before placing them on the head of the person you are making the promise to, then running your hands down their face to their chest.  One finishes by arcing your arms in the air.

The Nupitiki-SATiki - The Myposian Marriage Test which can determine whether or not a marriage should take place beyond a shadow of a snout.

The Nupitiki Spic 'n Spanakopita - The Myposian Marriage Cleansing Ritual which will either make a couple compatible or remove the waxy build up from their linoleum.  Involves pouring mud over the participants heads (it should be noted Balki actually made this ritual up).

One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall - in Myposian
Bitima poki pa betina stook
E bitima poki na stook
E booki tooki, oh po po, looki!
23 bottles of beer on the wall (sung by Jennifer and Mary Anne)

Vingi Vingi Bingi - the Myposian chant for runaway pets.  Writing out the lyrics would be a bit repetitive for this chant (plus we don't want you ending up with tons of lost pets on your doorstep); let's just say there's a lot of vingi binging and hoo hah hahing involved.