Perfect Strangers fans have never really had a collective name.  We aren't known as "Balki-ites" or "Larry Lovers" or even just "Perfect Strangers" (even though we can be perfectly strange).  Instead we choose to call each other "Cousin" because our fandom is one big happy family, and our fellow Cousins can be found all around the world!  Just as fate brought Cousins Balki and Larry together over a great distance, so does this show unite all those who love it.  This section of the website is by Cousins, for Cousins and all about the many Cousins which still appreciate and love this series.  Here you can share stories about how you became a fan, share your creativity by sending in drawings or artwork related to the show or even send in a photo of yourself with your special boochi or maybe wearing your favorite vest!  To submit items for your own Cousin's Gallery Page, e-mail Linda Kay and let us know what you'd like to submit.  Now, what are we waiting for . . . let's meet some of our Cousins!

Cousin May's Artwork

Cousin Amy's Artwork

Jason's Story

Cousin Justice's Pencil Sketches and More!

Cousin Quidget's Motivational Posters

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