One of the most popular features in our original P.S. I Love You! newsletter were the comic strips.  And they didn't always feature only Dimitri!  Here we will present some of the cartoons based on the series featuring various other cast members.

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Presenting brand new comics by Cousin Crystal Hill!

August 2009

Cousin Crystal is now working on a new series of comics entitled
Perfect Li'l Strangers about Robespierre and Tucker, Balki and
Larry's sons.  Here is her first entry into the series:

And already the second!

November 2008

Cousin Crystal imagined what could be a fairy tale with a Myposian twist
or one of Larry's nightmares!  For the captioned version, check out
Crystal's Cousins Gallery Page!

October 2008

August 2008
Cousin Crystal provides the scene that took place before the beginning of the
second season episode Life Savers!

crystallifesavers01b.jpg (235357 bytes)    crystallifesavers02b.jpg (220928 bytes)


Linda Kay's Cartoons from the original
P.S. I Love You! Newsletters

Issue #5, June 1990

Issue #6, August 1990

The Three Page Theme Song Spoof
(click thumbnails to view full size)

themesong01.jpg (336170 bytes)    themesong02.jpg (393479 bytes)    themesong03.jpg (344716 bytes)

Issue #7, October 1990

Issue #9, February 1991

Issue #11, June 1991

Issue #12, August 1991

Issue #13, October 1991

Issue #19, October 1992