After 17 years, Bernie is finally back!

What are The Bernie Awards?  Back when the original P.S. I Love You! newsletter was published we would devote one issue each year to reflect on the past season of Perfect Strangers episodes, and part of this was letting the fans pick their favorite moments (in categories such as Favorite Running Joke, Favorite Quote by Character, Best Clothes, Favorite Guest Character, etc.)  Starting in 1990 with Season Five (the newsletter started after the end of the fourth season), the Bernie Awards were held each June for three consecutive years and winners were picked from seasons five, six and seven.  (Membership had dropped off by season eight, which didn't air until a full year later, and so no Bernie Awards were held for the last year.  Also we never went back and did previous seasons, since not all fans had copies of all of the episodes.)  The Bernie Awards were, of course, named after Balki's family's Christmas sea turtle and each year would see the return of our favorite reptile, who would swim all the way to California to help us announce the winners.

Now with the release of seasons one and two on DVD we have a unique opportunity to revise the Bernies, letting fans online from all over the world finally participate in this fun event!  The Season One Bernie Awards have already been chosen and you can view the results below!  Stay tuned for the Season Two Bernie Awards, coming soon!  

Click here for the Season One Bernie Awards!